I’ll never forget when I found out that I had become a sex toy tester. It’s an understatement to say that I was ecstatic! I love exploring the world of sexual health, and to be able to do it in a way that’s both professional and fun was too exciting for words. I got to try out so many different toys, discovering each one’s unique features. It was exactly the kind of work I had been looking for.

Of course, I couldn’t just dive right into the job without any prior knowledge. To be a successful sex toy tester, I had to understand the basics first. I took the time to read up on different types of toys, their materials, and the effects they could have on my body. I asked questions, got to know other testers, and even took a course on anatomy and pleasure. After weeks of hard (but enjoyable!) work, I was ready to become a real tester at last.

My job wasn’t just to try out various toys, but to honestly review them too. There’s a lot of pressure to provide accurate and balanced feedback, so I made sure to be as detailed and insightful as possible. I would start by discussing the design, then move on to its features and usage. I would point out any positive or negative aspects, my preferences and how it affects my body. Everything had to be in-depth and well-written.

The best part of being a sex toy tester is getting to sample some of the most innovative devices around. What can I say…these toys are just magical! Every time I was presented with a new one to review, I felt a rush of anticipation. After giving it a try, I wrote down my thoughts and findings, and shared them with the public. The other testers and I had so much fun exploring the immense range of product types; from vibrators to dildos, there was something for everyone.

The job of a sex toy tester requires strong mental focus. I couldn’t just go off trying random toys for the sake of it; I needed to devise a plan and stick to it. It also meant being able to critically evaluate different products and share my honest opinions in a positive way. I developed a good system over time, and soon enough I was beaming with confidence in my role.

My journey as a sex toy tester certainly opened up many interesting new possibilities for me. I expanded my knowledge on toy safety, and even had the chance to create some products of my own! Experiencing the many sides of the industry gave me a newfound appreciation for the creativity and effort that goes into making these incredible tools.

I’ll never forget the feeling of having a whole new world open up to me. Trying out an expansive range of toys was exciting, but more importantly, I felt an immense sense of pride in being able to provide valuable feedback to the community. It opened my eyes to a new level of sexual exploration, and of course created a fun, safe space for people to express their desires.

My role as a sex toy tester also gave me the opportunity to meet and connect with many new people in the industry.I got the chance to mingle with many incredible people; from the designers who created these one-of-a-kind toys to the passionate educators providing helpful guidance. I learned so much and loved every second of it.

I believe that sex toy testing is an important job, though it can be a little daunting at times. But if there’s something I learned through it, it’s to always stay open to new possibilities. Take risks, try out new toys, be adventurous. That way, we as a community can help keep improving the industry and promoting healthy sexual expression.