after using a penis pump swelling around the head

It was after my 5th date with my partner when I realised that I felt self conscious about the size of my penis.​ I had heard about the wonders that penis pumps do, especially regarding enlarging, but I was always a bit too embarrassed to even talk about it.​ Finally, after discussing it with my partner I decided to give it a shot.​

I used the pump for a few weeks and I noticed an immediate improvement in the size of my penis.​ It felt fuller, firmer, harder – the works.​ It also felt better to the touch and I immediately felt more confident when being intimate with my partner.​

But then, something strange began to happen – there was swelling around the head of my penis.​ It was uncomfortable and didn’t look right.​ I tried to ignore it, but it seemed to get worse with every passing day.​ My partner immediately noticed the difference in my penis and I felt like I had to explain what had happened.​

I told my partner that I had been using a penis pump in order to make some improvements, but it seemed that I had overdone it.​ I was embarrassed to tell him the truth, but he understood and comforted me.​ He reassured me that it would go away in due time, but the swelling was still there.​

Eventually, I decided to visit a doctor to get to the bottom of this issue.​ He tested me and told me that the swelling was caused by inflammation from using the pump too often.​ He also gave me a much needed reality check, saying that the result of using a Penis Rings pump is temporary and that I should focus on the inner aspect of my happiness before anything else.​

It was then that I realised that I should not take my penis size too seriously.​ Sure, size matters, but it should not define my mood or the way I feel about myself.​ I learned that there are a lot of other ways to make my partner happy and that inner happiness should be the goal.​

Besides, I also realised that I was really putting my health at risk with every pump session.​ While it was true that I had been able to make my penis size bigger, there was always a risk of getting some kind of laceration or infection.​ I made the decision to stop using the penis pump from that moment on.​

The swelling went away eventually, and to be honest, I’m glad I got a reality check and stopped using the penis pump.​

Still, it was really awkward at first – especially around my partner.​ We had a good laugh about it and continues our relationship even stronger and healthier than ever before.​ It just goes to show that a problem like this is not the end of the world.​

But I did learn my lesson – from now on, I’ll be a lot more responsible with my approaches to improving my size.​ In the end, I convinced myself that it’s not all about the size and focus on other aspects to make my partner feel good.​

These lessons prompted me to try new ways of exploring intimacy with my partner.​ Instead of just focusing on the size, we tried new positions, activities and explored different kinds of intimacy.​ It was a new experience that even me and my partner enjoyed!

It was during these activities that we both realised the importance of embracing my body for what it is.​ We got to know each other in a whole new way – and it felt better than ever! The issue with the penis pump had completely been put behind us – and it only made our relationship stronger.​

We also started to pay a lot more attention to our health and hygiene.​ We started using lubrication when having sex toys, which reduced the friction and further improved our sexual experience.​ We also used condoms of course – better safe than sorry!

These adjustments prompted me to focus more on self-care.​ I began to exercise more, eat healthier, and live a more balanced lifestyle.​ This not only improved my physical health, but also helped me to become more confident about myself.​

I also started to practice mindfulness and meditation more regularly.​ This helped me to stay focussed on the present moment and appreciate the little things.​ I learned to be grateful for what I had and not take anything for granted.​

These practices gave me the appetite to explore new activities.​ I experimented with different kinds of massage therapy, yoga, and even tai-chi.​ I found them to be so calming and rewarding – and my partner found them really enjoyable as well!

With this newfound energy, I tried exploring different kinds of music.​ I tried hip-hop, jazz, acoustic – I even tried my hand at playing the guitar! Music was a great way to express my emotions and also to better connect with my partner.​

Not only did I become more confident and creative, but I also learned to have more fun.​ I was able to relax and let go of any societal perceptions about penis size.​ I had discovered that there was more to satisfaction and pleasure than just size – and that’s what truly mattered.​