Autumn Haze Cheeri Doll Rough Sex

Woah. Where do I even begin when it comes to autumn haze cheeri doll rough sex! It’s something that I’ve been curious about for sex dolls a while now, and to finally experience it first hand was something truly special. It all started one autumn night when my special one and I were curled up together in the warmth of our bedroom.

We looked outside as a light breeze of the coming night hit our skin and suddenly, gazing through the window something caught our eyes. A cheeri doll like none we had ever seen before! She was giving us a wink and a naughty smile, and before we knew it we were being urged to take a closer look. We got closer and saw that across the doll’s leather body was engrossed an enchanting dark grey tone, one that reminded us of the hazy seasons just around the corner.

With that we suddenly felt an electric current take over like nothing we’d ever felt before! It was bold yet sweet in one big blur that promised something unique and special, and just like that we high-tailed it back to bed! We started pulling out some of our naughty toys – handcuffs being just one – and our naughty play began in earnest.

We took turns in leading and controlling the actions, and before we knew it the pace of the night seemed to have sped up faster than the wind itself! With that, we embraced the thrill of rough sex and let the dark night guide our way forward. We moved and hit one another in such intensity that we began to feel like creatures of the night. The sensation was strong yet heated, and we felt like a new level of chemistry no one else could touch.

We tried various different positions, testing each and every nuance of our newly found pleasure. I was taken aback at how powerful the night felt and before long we were completely mesmerised by the screams of pleasure me and my special one sent out into the atmosphere.

We eventually reached the long-awaited climax. The pleasure was so intense that it almost felt like we had become one and the same, and the connection between us Both seemed to have deepened and grown. It’s strange how this morphs into an unknown sensation each time.

The night flew by and the crickets seemed to sing a unique melody that could only be heard by us Two. We stayed in each other’s arms, stroking one another’s skin and simply enjoying the pleasure of being together until the morning sun started to rose. As the sun said greeting it was time for us to say goodbye until the next night.

A few days later we knew we had to try it out again, and the sole thought of it already had us beginning to salivate with pleasure. We were aching to experience the pure euphoria of the previous night and dildos the soft body of autumn haze cheeri dolls once again. Eventually, it was time to try our luck once more.

Did we find ourselves enjoying the same thrills and sensations we’d experienced before? Well, if I said no I would be lying. Even though this second time around seemed different – as each naughty night always should – it exploded with sensation from the moment we started playing.

This level of pleasure was so unique that it seemed to carry us even further than we thought was possible. We laughed, screamed and even cried in the throes of our pleasure. But this night was even more special because we felt an overwhelming sense of connection that only the finest of feelings could give.

Would I ever feel this level of pleasure with anyone else? Could I ever feel the same when it’s not with the person I truly love? What does the future have in store when we come together for a third naughty night? One thing I’m sure of, it’s that I am never going to forget the two blissful nights of rough sex with autumn haze cheeri dolls.