best ways to masturbate male

When it comes to masturbation, there are a lot of different ways to pleasure yourself as a man.​ Everyone is different and everyone has their own preferences, but I truly believe that what works best for most people is trying to explore the different kinds of sensations that your body can experience.​ Here are some of the best ways that I have found to masturbate as a male:

First off, paying attention to your breath and the rhythm of your body is key.​ When I’m really focusing on my own pleasure, I take deep breaths and let my body move and respond to the different sensations I’m experiencing.​ As I’m moving, I will focus on the way my body feels as the sensations move throughout.​

Another great way to increase pleasure is to use lubrication.​ It makes everything feel so much better and can greatly increase the pleasure that you experience.​ Just make sure that you choose a lubricant that is specifically made for your body, as some lubricants can be irritating to the skin.​

The best way to build up the intensity is to experiment with different kinds of strokes and speeds.​ I usually start off gentle and then gradually build up the intensity until I reach where I want to be.​ By doing this you can ensure you’re getting the most pleasure out of your session.​

I also love using toys to enhance my experience.​ I find that some of the ones specifically designed for male masturbation can really help you to explore different kinds of sensations and sex toys explore new levels of pleasure.​

Finally, finding ways to add some newfound spice to your masturbation game can really take things to a different level.​ One way I like to spice things up is to try out different scenarios in my head or to watch an adult video.​ This can definitely get your heart racing and make your experience much more exciting.​

When it comes to exploring new pleasure pathways as a man, there are so many options.​ I find that trying different positions and exploring the sensations can really help you find what works best for you.​

One of my favourite positions is lying flat on my back and experimenting with different body movements and breathing to create different sensations and pleasure levels.​ I find that moving in circles helps me to explore more deeply and I can reach levels of pleasure I have never experienced before.​

Another great way to explore the body is to focus on the different erogenous spots.​ Experimenting with different kinds of caresses can be a great way to get lost in pleasure.​ Pay attention to your body and see what feels the best to you.​

The use of different props can be a great way to explore more deeply.​ Anything from feathers to massagers can warm up the body and bring it to new levels of pleasure.​

Focusing on both external and dildos internal pleasure is key.​ Don’t forget to massage the perineum and prostate for some intense pleasure.​ For me, this is the best way to achieve deep orgasms.​

Finally, incorporating visualization into your masturbation is a great way to explore and deepen the pleasure.​ Close your eyes and imagine whatever gets you aroused the most.​ This can take your experience to whole new heights.​