bjd sex doll

My eyes were immediately drawn to the strange figure in the corner of the store. It was an intimacy sparking creation, a sex doll made of silicone based resin; but it definitely wasn’t your average Real Doll. It had distinct features that gave it a unique appearance, a Japanese BJD Sex Doll.

Instantly, I felt a strong urge to learn more, which I did through some research I had conducted. I discovered that BJD is an abbreviation for ‘Ball Jointed Dolls’; which in this context were custom-made, articulated figurines. This kind of customization allowed users to select which of these dolls they’d like, and take them home with unique characteristics such as; shape, colour, hairstyle, and clothing.

But of course, the dolls were more than just for aesthetic pleasure. Their sensitive, anatomically correct touch would bring a new level of pleasure to many. As a result, fantasies and bodily explorations could be fulfilled without the presence of another person, and there are even people that use this technology for continual companionship.

Having my curiosity satisfied, I began to wonder why someone would purchase a BJD Sex Doll. After doing some more digging, I was surprised to find that there were countless reasons that someone could be drawn to this unique experience.

For some, the dolls can offer a certain level of comfort when physical contact is impossible, not just through play but also through the act of holding, embracing and cuddling. It can provide one with pleasure, can help quell anxieties or depression, and act as a security blanket.

For others, the dolls could represent a level of control that others cannot offer; allowing a safe space where they are in charge of the situation and sex dolls not subjected to the consequence of someone else’s anger or misbehavior.

Of course, the dolls are also available to satisfy the pleasure-seeking needs. Thanks to their anatomically correct construct, they can provide an arousing experience that is completely under one’s power.

The BJD Sex Dolls fulfill a special need within our explorers, but never should they replace an actual human connection. I’m not here to tell someone whether they should or shouldn’t invest in one; it’s ultimately up to them to make that decision. But it’s certainly worth considering for those who are in need of something new.8 Types of Vibrators You Need in Your Life ASAP \u2013 Spencers Party Blog