can you spray silicone sex toys with alcohol

Hey, have you heard about sprays that can be used to disinfect sex toys made from silicone? Apparently, it’s possible to use alcohol-based sprays to clean them. I was so surprised and intrigued to learn this!

HerRules Bliss Wearable Remote Vibrator \u2013 nRocknRollI mean, this was something that I’d never heard of before. I initially assumed that pesticides or even harsh chemicals like bleach would be the only option. But then, I heard about this new phenomenon – people are apparently spritzing their silicone sex toys with alcohol-based sprays.

Now that I know more, I’m thankful to have another safe option to use on my toys. Although I do still like to use warm soapy water to clean them whenever possible, sprays can be a great addition to my toy care routine. Knowing that I can use sprays specifically designed for disinfecting toys made with silicone means that I can keep them extra clean and safe.

Plus, I love that it’s fast and convenient. Although wiping down toys with soap and water isn’t too time consuming, it can still take a few minutes to do enough scrubbing. With an alcohol-based spray, sex toys all you do is spritz and go – no scrubbing required.

And, the spray is discreetly sized, so I can store it in my bedside drawer without anyone seeing it. Not all of my toys are those designed for sharing – so keeping it on the low can make me feel a bit more comfortable.

One of the most important things to think about, however, is that the spray should be labeled as safe to use on silicone. I know that some sprays contain components that can be dangerous or damaging to certain materials, and I don’t want to risk damaging my toys.

I usually rely on the word of my friends who have used certain products, and with whose opinion I know I can trust. So, for the most part, I stick to what I know works. I’m incredibly picky when it comes to the sprays, products and cleaners that I use on my sex toys.

Another way for me to know what I should and shouldn’t use is to read the packaging and research the ingredients on the products I am interested in buying. When it comes to using anything on my toys, I want to ensure that I am being as safe and thorough as possible.

I consistently need to remind myself to never use anything on my toys that I wouldn’t be willing to apply directly on my skin. Since I’m so cautious, I make sure to take my time and carefully inspect the products I purchase to be sure that they are silicone-safe and won’t irritate or damage me in any way.

Now that I know I can use an alcohol-based spray to clean my silicone sex toys, Penis Rings I can feel more confident and safe when I’m using them. Knowing that I’m keeping them clean and doing my best to keep them in good condition is a great reassurance. In addition, I love knowing that I can use this to take my cleaning routine to the next level. Indeed having this extra layer of protection gives me peace of mind.