couple ppays with sex doll amature

Wow, dildos I can’t believe couple pays with sex doll amature. Actually, a couple in my neighborhood did it! I don’t know what fascinated me more- the sheer daring or the comment of disbelief I heard in people’s voices as I announced it. I didn’t know how to process it and felt like I needed to have a closer look at their story. I got thinking, imagine paying for a sex doll and then setting up a household together. I was sure the couple had something special about them, something that made them unique, far from “normal” people.

The couple, otherwise nameless, was not a conventional couple either. At least not in the traditional sense. They had no children, no common friends, not even neighbors for that matter. It was like they were out of place. It was like they belonged to another world. Something extraordinary yet distant.

They used the sex doll for their own weird fantasies and let their imaginations run wild. Of course, I could never understand what was going on in their heads.

What really amazed me more than anything was how they dealt with the emotional side of living with a ‘person’ who wasn’t really alive. The sex doll was just inanimate – no feelings, no opinion, no life. They ‘developed’ her into a friend, into someone they could share secrets with. Someone who would listen quietly, nod their head at all the right times.

I must admit, I was a bit envious of the couple. They were so free of anxieties. They had no worries that they would be judged or compared against other couples. They were free- whatever happened, Penis Rings they would never be ashamed. They could do whatever they wanted and nobody would be able to tell them what to do or not do.

The couple shared a special bond; there was no one else around who could even begin to understand what their lives were like, except for one another. Most of us were not sure what to make of them.