does spensers sell sex toys in stores

Hey, so you won’t believe what I just heard. Apparently, Spenser’s sells sex toys now! I mean, I had no idea they’d venture into that arena. It’s normally something you find online – am I right?

Anyways, it’s got me thinking – should stores be allowed to openly sell items like this? I know it might be considered old-fashioned to some, but I have to ask myself, “is it appropriate?” On one hand, it opens up a lot of possibilities, I guess.

On the flip side, what kind of messages would Spenser’s be sending if they do sell sex toys? I’m sure there are some that feel it goes against their personal morals. Then again, running a store means having to capitalize on trends and stuff – I just don’t know if something like this is such a great idea.

The thing is, I’m all for being progressive, dildos but do decisions like this sacrifice the family-friendly environment Spenser’s is known for? I mean, I can’t even take my kids to those stores anymore. Not that they’d be interested walking past the ‘adult’ section, but I’d certainly be mindful if I’m there with them.

Plus, isn’t it a little creepy having to see these items in plain sight whenever you go to Spenser’s? I mean, that’s not to say that it should be hidden shamefully, but do people really want it out there like that? It’s definitely more confronting than buying it online.

So, would I buy sex toys from Spenser’s? Honestly, I’m not sure. It just seems kind of hypocritical for a store like that to suddenly be selling something like that. I certainly hope they would take into account the feelings of their customers if they did.

The truth is that I don’t think you should have to stoop to the level of a sex store just to get your items. Would it really make any difference if it was sold in a department store? Wouldn’t we still be living in the same over-sexualized society?

I think there needs to be more consideration for those that don’t want it out there in the open. It’s like why do we even have sex toy stores anyways? Surely, selling them in the open could act as an affront to our morals. Or worse yet, enable people to indulge in things they probably shouldn’t.

Besides, it’s not like it’s impossible to get your hands on these items elsewhere. It’s just a matter of understanding why companies should or shouldn’t sell them. Take the case of Spenser’s, for example, are they prepared to handle the pressure of selling sex toys? Could they really survive a boycott?

It’s all a matter of opinion and ultimately a consumer-driven market. If there’s enough demand, then the market will respond with the supply. It’s really put up or shut up kind of thing.

The thing is, it won’t be enough for Spenser’s to just add sex toys to the list. They’ll have to be prepared to cater for those that want it and more importantly, thouse who don’t. It’s a two way street, and most stores don’t seem to realize that.

I guess what I’m saying is that you’ve gotta give people a choice. Who knows? Maybe Spenser’s could offer a ‘no sex toy section’ – something like a permanent aisle that’s devoid of any kind of items related to it. That would be pretty cool, right?

It’s good to have things up and running and if someone has the idea for it, dildos then why not? But the onus is on the store owners to do it responsibly. And whether they choose to sell sex toys is not entirely up to them. It’ll depend on how the market reacts to it, and that’s something that’s hard to predict.

At the end of the day, it’s tough to know exactly what people will think about it. It’s one of those things that’ll be kept under wraps until it’s released – and that waiting period could be a long one. It’s like predicting the future with a crystal ball – you just never know.

Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t hold anything against companies for selling sex toys. Like I said, it’s a matter of opinion. But I feel like we should make an effort to differentiate between what’s tasteful and what’s not.

If I had my say, sex toys could be sold in stores, sure – but more effort has to be made for those who abstain from it. Because when all’s said and done, it’s not the store’s responsibility to impose their views on others. We’re the ones living in it after all, and the public has to bear the brunt of it.

Sure, if they’re well regulated and accessible in appropriate places, I don’t see why not. But the problem arises when it’s excessively and disproportionately present in a store like Spenser’s. I mean, it basically boils down to whether it’ll harm or benefit us in the long run.