going to gym before or after penis pumping

I cannot decide if I should go to the gym before or after penis pumping – it seems like a major dilemma! This is something I have been struggling with for vibrators a while since I first started experimenting with penis pumping.​ I can room for both activities in my schedule but I don’t know which one would yield better results.​

I asked around and it turns out a lot of people have different opinions on this.​ Some swear by pumping before working out since it helps them increase vascularity and intensify performance.​ Others however think the opposite and generally argue that going to the gym first and then to the pump afterwards is the way to go.​

So which way should I go? To be honest, I’m kinda torn.​ On the one hand, penis pumping before means I have more time for working out and can utilize the enhanced vascularity and intense energy for a better workout.​ On the other hand, there’s something to be said about ‘pre-heating’ the penis before pumping – as in, the warm-up exercise helps to increase blood flow in the penis and thus yields better results.​

When I voiced this to my friends, one of them suggested a clever way.​ He suggested that I could try alternating between both ways.​ That way, I can test and observe my own body results and see what works better for me.​

The path ahead is clear.​ As of now, I’m going to alternate between the two so that I can figure out what works for me in the long run.​ Will I go to the gym before penis pumping or vice versa? Let’s find out!

I’m all in for an experiment and I am looking forward to the results.​ To make it even more impactful, I’m fine-tuning my diet and tracking my sessions more precisely.​ Hopefully, this allows me to differentiate the effect each of the activities has on me.​

Additionally, I’m combining some warm-up exercises with penile stretches.​ Apparently, this exercise should not be done too often, at least not more than twice a week.​ I’m following this advice and proceed cautiously.​

I’m also trying out new techniques – I’m now tracking my post pumping performance more closely.​ To monitor this properly, I’m now taking measurements twice a week and tracking the changes over time.​ I’m also measuring the differences when I switch the order of my activities, dildos so that I can see which one works better for me.​

My main motivation is to make sure I’m doing the right thing and to know which way is the most beneficial in the long run.​ At the end of the day, results are what I’m after – and finding out what path will get me there most efficiently is my goal.​

On the topic of diet, I’ve modified my food consumption.​ I am now highly focused on protein-rich foods and I’m drinking lots of water throughout the day.​ I’ve also adapted my diet to fit an earlier start of the day, since this is when I’m visiting the gym more often.​

In terms of schedule, I’m still trying to figure out the most ideal order and conditions for me.​ I’m yet to find a sweet spot – a routine schedule which works best for me and gives me the optimum results and performance schedule.​ Keep your fingers crossed for me!

While I’m still waiting for more conclusive results, I’m enjoying the process and the experiment.​ Isn’t it fun to come up with our own methods and devise our own routines? I think it is, and I’m happy to be exploring this part of body-building.​