Hey friend, I’ve got something that I’m desperate to share with you! The other day my wife was up to something that totally blew my mind. She ordered a sex doll! Yeah, you heard me right – a real life sex doll. At first I was worried why she wanted it, I was so sure that she was having an affair or something that I was ready to confront her, but then she made clear that this was just an experiment for her own pleasure.

I have to admit, I was curious – she’s never been the type to take risks sexually, and it’s always been a bit awkward to talk about her fantasies. But this, she couldn’t keep quiet about, and I was intrigued. She brought the doll home and we had a wild evening. Man, sex toys it was incredible! She had so much fun with it and it made our relationship so much more honest and intimate.

I’d never seen my wife so alive and enjoyed before. We both got to a level of ecstasy we’d never experienced before. The sex doll was really realistic and had some incredible features ranging from its soft silicone skin and ‘realistic’ body parts. It also had features like the ‘motorised tongue’, ‘self-lubricated orifices’ and even a voice that sounded like a real human being. It was crazy!

The sex was amazing and my wife and I felt so close afterwards. In fact, she has been so happy and relaxed since then that we are even thinking of getting another one for our next getaway. We have been as adventurous as ever and exploring even more options on the market. We are even researching the possibility of buying a robot sex doll which is up there with the best sex dolls, and the options are now so advanced that the process has been made easier than ever before.

As amateur wife fucks sex dolls, there is something incredibly empowering about it. You are taking the sexual experience to the next level and customizing it to suit your needs. I’ve seen my wife become much more sexually adventurous, bold and able to take risks in a way she was never able to before. Not to mention that I’m having better sex too! It’s awesome!

There really is no better way to add to intimate relationships than by using sex dolls and robots. The pleasure, the adventure and the level of creativity you can achieve is completely life changing. We have been able to experiment with different ideas, fantasies, positions and communication styles. It truly has been a revolutionary experience for both of us.

So, if you’re looking for an exciting and unconventional way to spice up your sexual experiences then why not consider getting a sex doll or robot too? You won’t regret it!