how to wash silicon sex toya

Hey friend, let me tell you the best way how to wash the silicon sex toy.

Firstly, you need to make sure you have all the items you need: clean soap, water, and a clean towel. Before you begin, you need to take a shower to make sure you are free from any kind of germs that might be hanging around on your body.

Once you are sure you are firstly, you need to grab your clean soap and water. Gently squirt the soap onto your silicon sex toy. Make sure to get all the crevices so you make sure there’s no dirt, dust, or Penis Rings droplets of your bodily fluids that might be stuck there. Give it a good scrub for a few minutes until all the soap is gone.

Next, fill a bowl or bucket with lukewarm water. Place your silicon sex toy in the water, making sure to submerge it fully. Leave it there for a minute or two so the water will wash away the soap. After this, take your toy out of the water and rinse it with clean water til all the suds are gone.

Now it’s time to make sure your toy is completely dry. You can use a clean towel to pat down the toy, taking extra attention to the tight areas so you can make sure there’s no moisture left behind. It’s also a good idea to let it air-dry for an hour or two, just to make sure there’s no residue.

Finally, it’s time to store your toy away in a clean and safe place. Make sure to pick out a place where no dirt, dust, or other foreign items can get into it. A storage bag or air tight container is best for this. You can also dust a tiny amount of talcum powder before you store, in case the toy is made of rubber.

Now that you know the right way to clean and store a silicon sex toy, sex dolls you can feel safe knowing that your toy will be completely free from any sort of contamination and bacteria. I know I always feel safer knowing that my toys are properly cleaned, so I hope this information helps you too!