I know my friend is probably tired of hearing me talk about these things, but I recently tried out a masturbation sleeve for male.​ I was curious but also a bit intimidated at first.​ I mean, I’m a guy and the idea of using something like that felt… strange.​ But I was up for the challenge!

First off, I was amazed with the variety of shapes and sizes that were available.​ I had to take some time and do research before I finally settled on the model I wanted to try.​ After I ordered it, I was really curious to see if I’d made the right choice.​

When the sleeve arrived, I opened and inspected it, surprised at how lifelike it felt and how easy it was to put on.​ I was also surprised at how effective the various internal bumps felt when I started using it.​ I could feel a different level of stimulation than I’m used to with my hands.​

That being said, it did take some time to get used to the sensation.​ I mean, it’s not something any guys – myself included – have grown up using, so it definitely took some getting used to! But I definitely started to feel pleasure more quickly than when I use my hands alone.​

I think my favorite thing about the profound pleasure that comes from using the sleeve is how it can be used solo or with a partner.​ I can choose to use it solo and get a quick fix or, if I’m feeling more frisky, I can team up with my date and enjoy the experience with someone else to turn things up a notch.​

I’ve noticed that I get a much more intense orgasm when using the sleeve with a partner, as my date can both control the toy and give me more direct stimulation.​ It takes away some of the focus from the toy, and that leads to a more intense experience for me.​

Over time, I’ve also found that the sleeve is a great way to learn more about my pleasure spots and what stimulates me.​ As I’m controlling the sleeve, it helps me find what exactly feels good for me, allowing me to become more in tune with my body and vibrators increase my pleasure.​

The variety of textures and shapes produces unique experiences that I get to experiment with each time.​ I can customize the experience to my mood and preferences that day.​ I can also use different levels of lubricant, depending on the occasion.​ All in all, the sleeve is a great way to stimulate and Penis Rings surprise yourself every once in a while.​

Another aspect of the sleeve that I really love is the convenience factor.​ I can carry the sleeve with me in case I need a quick pleasure fix, even in places that it’s not always possible or convenient to do it by hand.​ I can even put it in the freezer to change the temperature and provide an extra stimulation.​

Each time I use the sleeve, I’m more and more impressed.​ I find that it’s an amazing way to enhance and prolong the sensations that come from hand stimulation.​ I’m also finding that the user friendly design and materials are very durable and still look just as good as the day I got it.​

All in all, the sleeve has been an amazing way to explore my body and pleasure points.​ I’m thinking about adding a few more variations to my collection as I love the sensation that all of them bring.​ We shall see!