I was so shell-shocked when I first heard about sex doll popped cartoons that I almost couldn’t believe it. I mean, I’ve seen it all when it comes to cartoon trends, but this one took me aback. I mean, it’s like something from a horror movie! Who in their right mind would even consider a sex doll in a cartoon? Sure, I guess there are some twisted people out there who might get off on it, but really, it’s just sickening!

Seriously, there are so many other ways to make cartoons that talk about sex. And why even use a sex toys doll in the first place? That’s just a recipe for disaster. Sex dolls are pretty creepy by themselves, so putting them in a cartoon makes them even more so. Plus, it sends the wrong message to our children which can have serious long-term effects.

Of course, sex dolls are part of a larger issue we have with sex in our society. We have an obsession with it, and it seems like it is everywhere we turn. From TV, movies, video games and, now, cartoons, we’re constantly being ambushed by sexual references and images. It’s no wonder why our society is so confused about sex.

To be honest, it’s really depressing to see how far our society has gone in terms of sexualization. I wish it was something that we could just turn around and get rid of, sex toys but unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. We’re stuck in a world where sex is used to sell everything from clothes to food, and we can’t seem to get away from it.

I truly think that it’s important to talk more openly and honestly about sex. We need to educate ourselves and our kids about sex in a positive way. We also need to learn about consent and healthy boundaries, and how to communicate them with others. Then maybe we can move away from the obsession we have with sex dolls and all the other negative sexualization that we’re exposed to.