is lubrication needed when penis pumping

A few weeks back, I was out shopping for sex toys with a friend.​ She asked me what kind of penis pump I was interested in buying, and I was hesitant to answer.​ She then asked why I was so nervous and I told her about my worries regarding lubrication and penis pumping.​

My friend had heard that lubrication was a necessary requirement when using penis pumps.​ I hadn’t considered this before, and I wasn’t sure if I could use the device without it.​ So I did some deep research to figure out the effects of lubricant when penis pumping.​

Firstly, I needed to know the type of lubricants used in penis pumping.​ After consulting the experts, I found out that silicone-based lubricants are the best for penis pumping as they reduce friction and make insertion a lot easier.​

The next thing I learned was that lubrication is an essential element when penis pumping.​ A good amount of lubricant helps make the penis pumping process relatively easier and more comfortable.​ It also prevents tissue damage while using this device.​

I also encountered some opinions of people who don’t think that it is necessary to use lubricant when penis pumping.​ Some people argued that the penis pump is designed to be used without lubrication and that lube may damage the seal and valve of the device.​

However, I was still cautious despite the opinions of people who don’t think that lubricant is necessary.​ I read that lubricating the penis pump helps prevent any possible irritation or discomfort when using the device.​

Moreover, lubrication can help reduce infection and safeguard against potential skin conditions.​ Overall, using the right kind of lubricants when penis pumping can help protect the penis and shaft from any potential bruising or injuries.​

I also learned that there can be negative side effects if one decides to go without lubrication.​ The penis vacuum pumping process can cause tissue congestion which can result in severe discomfort.​ Moreover, it can also lead to tissue damage and scarring.​

I then realized that using lubricant when penis pumping was the better choice.​ It’s definitely not a requirement, but it can make the experience much smoother and also protect the penis from any potential injuries.​

Finally, I decided to take the leap and get the penis pump I wanted.​ This time, I made sure I was well prepared with proper lubricant before using it.​ I believe that using lubricant when penis pumping is always the better choice, and I make sure to advise my friends to do the same.​

Now, when it comes to other ways of preparing for penis pumping, I found out that using a quality penis pump and keeping your penis clean before use is also very important.​ You should make sure that the penis is free from bacteria or infection otherwise, the results can be quite unpleasant.​

Furthermore, there are some penis pumps that come with a water-based lubricant.​ If I ever decide to buy a penis pump with lubricant included, using the lubricant provided is the best way to go.​

I also learned that proper aftercare is very important when using a penis pump.​ One should always take adequate time in between sessions of penis pumping and never overuse the device.​ It’s also important to keep an eye out on the skin beneath the pump and moisturize it to protect against any possible damage.​

Another essential precaution for penis pumping is using a cock ring.​ This can help keep the penis enlarged for long periods of time and sex dolls also enhance the length and girth of the penis when used in conjunction with the pump.​

Apart from this, I also learned that it’s very important to go slow when using a penis pump.​ Going too hard can cause serious damage and result in irreversible consequences.​ It’s always best to take your time and adjust the vacuum pressure depending on what kind of results you want.​

So there’s a lot to consider when penis pumping and I’m glad I did my research before taking it up.​ I’m sure I’ll be using this device more often now that I’ve gathered enough information regarding its use.​