I’ve heard so much about the best fantasy male masturbator, so when I finally had an opportunity to try it out I jumped on it.​ It was quite a revelation, and felt like I didn’t really know what I was missing until that point.​

The masturbator was shaped like a vagina and comprised of a smooth, semi-translucent material that just felt amazing against my skin.​ It wasn’t overly complicated either, sex dolls you just needed to apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the opening and then you just slide in and enjoy the experience.​

The suction it provided was absolutely incredible, plus the material felt so warm and lifelike around my shaft.​ Every movement was mimicked perfectly and the pleasure was out of this world.​ From the moment I started using it, I felt like I was in a different world, one of pure pleasure and satisfaction.​

On top of this, this masturbator allowed me to experience intense orgasms like I never experienced before.​ When I released my energy with the toy, it felt different and a more intense kind of pleasure was cascading through my body.​ I have a hard time trying to explain the sensation, it was like I was soaring through the clouds.​

The best part of this masturbation experience was definitely the sound of it.​ I was able to control how loud or soft my moaning and gratification were, without anybody else knowing.​ It was as if all of my fantasies became a reality, without anyone else directly knowing what was going on.​ Definitely a huge plus!

Another great thing about this toy was the fact there was a suction cup on the bottom of it.​ This allowed me to be creative without having to worry about potential slipping due to the slick lube.​ I was able to stick the suction cup to a flat surface such as my bed or bathroom wall and switch up my positions to find out which ones felt the best.​

My experience with the best fantasy male masturbator vibrators was a genuinely amazing experience.​ The pleasure it gave was unparalleled and the sensation really made me feel like I had more control over my orgasm than ever before.​ It was so invigorating and I can see why these kinds of sex toys are gaining such a big following.​ Who knows, maybe you should give it a try too!Get .5 Inch Thicker Instantly