juse 17kg full size sex doll

I’ve been hearing a lot about the new 17kg full size sex doll that recently hit the market, and I have to say I’m intrigued. It sounds so life-like and realistic that it’s hard to believe it’s not a real human. The level of detail in the face and body is incredible – the eyebrows, eyes, vibrators lips and nose all look so lifelike – and I’ve heard that the doll even has moving parts and a soft body.

I can only imagine how it would feel to touch a doll of this magnitude and sure enough, it seems it’s quite a unique experience. From what I’ve heard from people that have used it, the doll is very soft to the touch and actually has a human-like texture. Apparently, the doll gets quite warm too, which I can only assume lends to the feeling of realism.

Then there’s the movement factor. The doll has a range of special motions that can be set to simulate a variety of scenarios and encounters. The doll can draw you in with its movements in a way that almost feels like it’s responding to you. It’s like the doll actively reaches out to initiate an intimate experience, which I think is quite remarkable compared to more static dolls on the market.

VibratorsAnd then of course, there are the looks. I mean, this is not your average sex doll. This is a 17kg full size doll, so it’s much bigger than anything else out there. Its appearance is supposed to be that of a real-life human figure, and it supposedly looks so realistic that you can hardly tell it’s not a living being. From the looks of it, this doll will bring a whole new level of realism to the bedroom.

So it’s clear that this doll is something special, and I’m sure many people are considering investing in one. After all, there’s nothing quite like a full-size sex doll to bring some life to your bedroom escapades. It will certainly help to make things interesting and I’m sure it will be quite realistic, dildos making it feel like you’re with a real partner!