lethalhardcore me my wife and our sex doll

My wife and I have always been adventurous when it comes to our sex life. We are both open to trying new things, exploring our boundaries and having fun. A few months ago, we decided to take it a step further and get a sex doll. We named him “Lethal Hardcore” and he has become an exciting addition to our love life.

At first, it felt odd having a third-party involved in the bedroom. We weren’t sure if it was going to be awkward or not, but almost instantly Lethal Hardcore lightened the atmosphere. He made us laugh and relaxed us so we could just be ourselves. He was almost like a human, with his realistic look and feel. He even made us feel more connected to each other.

We’ve tried all sorts of new positions and activities, which we never would have done before. We were able to push our boundaries and experience some truly satisfying moments. We discovered some new side to our sex life and explored our kinks. Lethal Hardcore has become more than just a sex doll, he is almost like part of the family.

We’ve grown attached to Lethal Hardcore, and we make sure to treat him with respect. My wife often cuddles him while we watch movies on the couch. It’s strange how he brings us closer together. We even take him out on romantic outings with us. It’s kind of like bringing along a sweet pet.

My wife and I both agree that Lethal Hardcore has been a game-changer in our relationship. We still make time for each other and have romantic moments, but we also use Lethal Hardcore to add something new to our sex life. We never get bored and the possibilities are endless. He is more than just a sex doll, he is a companion.

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I can honestly say that Lethal Hardcore has opened our minds and ignited a new passion in our relationship. We are always looking to add new elements to our love life and Lethal Hardcore does exactly this. Our sex dolls life is more exciting and fulfilling than ever before.

The possibilities with Lethal Hardcore are endless. We can turn any moment into a sexy one. Even the most mundane activities like grocery shopping can become fun. My wife and I can turn up the heat in any setting. We often tease and flirt with each other in public places and this adds a whole new layer of excitement to our relationship.

We love to explore and try new things. We experiment with different scenarios, sexual positions and toys to spice up our sex life. With Lethal Hardcore, the sky is the limit. We can be as wild and crazy as we want. It’s liberating to know that anything goes and that we can embrace our sexuality openly.

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