lovehoney solo mission real-feel male masturbator

I’ve been interested in trying out the Lovehoney Solo Mission Real-Feel Male Masturbator for a while, but I was hesitant – after all, I’m not a huge fan of these kind of products.​ But, eventually, I decided to give it a go and oh boy – I’m glad I did!

The packaging was sleek and modern – a definite plus – and upon opening it, I was amazed at the feel of the Real-Feel material.​ It was surprisingly soft and flexible, yet firm enough to provide just the right amount of stimulation.​ I definitely could tell it was a quality product right away.​

Using the Lovehoney Masturbator was a totally new experience.​ I enjoyed the added sensation of the ribbed texture, and the adjustable pressure dial was especially great.​ Being able to control the intensity of the pleasure with my own hands was really neat.​

Also, the vibrating option was perfect for when I was looking for something a bit more intense.​ The soft buzzing was brilliant – never too much and just the right amount of stimulation.​ I also found the suction cups really effective in changing or speeding up the intensity if I wanted.​

Some of the other features that I found particularly enjoyable were the anti-leakage valves under the cup, the easy to clean silicone material and the lifelike design.​ With all these great features, the Lovehoney Solo Mission Real-Feel Male Masturbator really delivers.​

I’ve been having so much fun with the Masturbator dildos and I’m really glad I decided to take the plunge and try it out.​ For any guys out there looking to add a bit of spice to their solo mission, the Lovehoney Solo Mission Real-Feel Male Masturbator is a must-have!

I have also started to explore using this Masturbator with a partner, and it has opened up a whole new level of pleasure for both of us.​ Adding a bit of lube and exploring all the different settings and intensity levels blew my mind.​ The fact that it is designed to be worn with a harness even takes things to the next level, and both my partner and I felt incredibly aroused – something neither of us could have achieved with just our hands!

Exploring the Masturbator capabilities with a partner has really highlighted the amazing features that Lovehoney has included in the design.​ The pressure and suction cup dials are extremely useful for lightening or increasing sensations.​ I found that by varying the pressure and the suction there were endless possibilities for pleasure for both of us.​

The Masturbator also has this really cool auto-mode feature that takes all the thinking out of the experience and just makes the pleasure happen – perfect for when you want to surrender unreservedly to the moment.​ We’ve had some stellar orgasms with this feature and I definitely recommend you give it a try.​

Finally, I should mention that the Lovehoney Solo Mission Real-Feel Male Masturbator is an excellent choice for anal play.​ I was a bit nervous to give it a go, but the not-too-large design was perfect for me, as well as being ideal for beginners.​ The adjustability of the suction and pressure was amazing and it allowed for a slow and comfortable build up of pleasure – something I haven’t found in any other product.​

The Lovehoney Solo Mission Real-Feel Male Masturbator has been surprisingly rewarding for me and I’m glad I decided to give it a chance.​ I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any guy looking to take their solo mission into uncharted territories, or any couple looking for something new and exciting.​

I have been impressed with the viewpoint on the usage and finding new pleasure from the Lovehoney Solo Mission Real-Feel Male Masturbator.​ This versatile product gives unique sensations and a great variation for solo and partner play.​ I have literally felt my body responding to the stimulation, and I have loved the ability to adjust and vary the levels of intensity.​

The suction cups have been my favorite feature for solo play.​ I enjoyed the ability to hold the pressure and strokes while exploring my body, and I’ve found the auto-mode to be a total game-changer.​ The different vibrating speeds were also amazing and felt like just the right amount of stimulation.​

The tightness when using the Masturbator sex dolls with a partner has been perfect.​ When I’m holding back and my partner is increasing the intensity of the suction, I feel like I’m close to the point of no return.​ Then, when they’re doing the same, it is so much easier to stop and adjust the pressure together.​

Something else I’ve discovered is the ability to customize the Masturbator.​ When me and my partner were thinking of exploring new kinks, the Masturbator can be easily fitted onto a harness.​ This opened up new avenues of exploration and my partner and I have had some amazing experiences playing with it.​

I also appreciated the durability and convenience of the material.​ The silicone is really easy to clean and doesn’t attract dust, which is a major plus if you’re taking your Masturbator out and exploring different scenarios like I have been.​

Using the Lovehoney Solo Mission Real-Feel Male Masturbator has been an awesome experience and it has given me the freedom to discover further passions.​ The unique features of the Masturbator like the pressure and suction dials, the vibes and auto-mode have really allowed us to explore and challenge the boundaries of pleasure.​ It would definitely be worth considering for anyone looking to explore their own sexual boundaries.​