man in prison makes sex dolls

I recently heard about a man who spent a lot of time in prison, and while he was in there he made sex dolls. I thought that was just crazy! I couldn’t believe my ears. Utterly fascinated, I wondered what had motivated this man to embark on such an endeavor. I guess it was his only way to suppress his libido.

When I heard the news, I was taken aback. Making a doll, and especially in a prison cell, is hard enough, vibrators but making it in any way related to sex seemed unimaginable. I mean, where does one start with such a project? And why was it necessary?

After doing a bit of research, I found out that the prison guards had given him permission to construct a sex doll for himself, but only if he provided the materials himself. This kind of made me feel a bit weird. I mean, at first I had been shocked, but now I was amazed.

The man’s story became even crazier when I heard that he was able to complete the sex doll in about two weeks. That was some impressive feat! I also learned that the man’s cellmates had even started to collaborate with him, granting him parts of the materials he needed to make the doll tick.

It was then that I started to understand a bit more of what he was going through. It seemed as if the man was in some kind of desperate need for physical, sexual contact, and making the doll was the only way to make that happen. It’s not the most ideal method, of course.

The whole situation made me think twice about what I had first thought. I guess it’s understandable that he had to take these measures to alleviate his desires. Sure, it’s not an ideal situation, but he needed it at the moment, and the results were impressive nonetheless.

So I guess, at the end of the day, I think it’s kind of sad, vibrators in a way, that the man had to resort to such measures to cope with his immense level of frustration. It must have been really hard and difficult for him. But at the same time, I’m also quite impressed by his efforts and creativity in the process.