monkey spanker vibrating male masturbator

Wow, so I recently heard about the Monkey Spanker Vibrating Male Masturbator.​ I’ll admit, I was kinda skeptical at first, but I thought I should give it a try.​ And I gotta say, it was a game changer!

First of all, the vibration just blows my mind- it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.​ I can actually set the strength and intensity of the vibration, depending on the intensity I want.​ So whether I want a light tingle or a full-on explosive sensation, the Monkey Spanker has me covered!

But it’s the range of attachments that really makes this toy special.​ It has four different types of attachments, allowing me to explore and experiment for hours and still not feel bored.​ I mean, everything from a smooth and soft, massage like feel to a ribbed and textured sensation.​.​.​it’s just wild.​ Not to mention, it’s waterproof, so I can take it in the tub or shower and really let myself go!

But beyond the stimulation, I think what really excites me the most about the Monkey Spanker is that it’s easy to use.​ It’s lightweight, smooth and simple to operate.​ You just turn it on, select your speed and go.​ It doesn’t require much else! Plus, its compact size makes it ideal for travel.​ So I can take it with me wherever I go.​

Another great thing about the Monkey Spanker is that it’s made out of phthalate-free material.​ So I know that it is safe to use and won’t damage my skin or anything else.​ It’s also rechargeable, which is handy, since I don’t have to constantly buy batteries and worry about running out of power.​

So all in all, I highly recommend the Monkey Spanker Vibrating Male Masturbator.​ I mean, why not? It’s a great way to spice up your playtime, and it’s got a lot of features that make it fun, vibrators safe and easy to use.​

Well, I guess let’s discuss about want else lies beneath the Monkey Spanker Vibrating Male Masturbator.​ For starters, I like that it is highly customizable as the range of attachments provides something additional for me to explore.​ I can find smooth or textured attachments depending on my taste.​ I can also change up the vibrations – it is great to know that I have some control there.​ On top of that, its waterproof feature is an extra bonus and a big plus in my opinion.​

Apart from the features, its ease of use is also another point in its favor because it is really simple to operate and no instructions needed.​ With a few clicks, I can get to my desired setting.​ It is also user-friendly as it is lightweight and compact.​ Not only that, the rechargeable battery is also a plus point too as I don’t have to shop for batteries, just one charge will get me going.​ And I am relieved to know that its materials is phthalate-free said to be safe for my skin.​

It is also worth mentioning about how the actual toy looks.​ It has a unique design and looks quite appealing, thus making it interesting to use.​ Especially with the bright colors, it gives off a playful vibe right off the bat.​ It is also ergonomically designed so it fits comfortably in the hand.​

In conclusion, the Monkey Spanker Vibrating Male Masturbator is a great way to explore and experiment my sexual pleasure due to its vast list of features and convenience.​ The customizable features has got me excited for a wild night of exploration.​ With its elegant design and multiple attachments, I am sure I get the most out of my time with the Monkey Spanker, and prepare to be soaring sky high!

Now let’s move further from the basic features and discuss the benefits of the Monkey Spanker Vibrating Male Masturbator.​ Whenever I am using this toy, I allow myself to be completely immersed in the pleasure and just let everything else go.​ It provides a calming and comforting sensation that take me away from my worries for a moment, allowing me to be stress-free and relaxed.​ Not only that, my sexual desire is also heightened, making it a great way to increase my libido.​

Apart from that, I find that I can also enjoy increased stimulation and intensity of my orgasms.​ This toy allows me to have more penis sensitivity and arousal.​ It is also known to increase the size and volume of ejaculation, which is amazing.​ In fact, just the slightest touch of this toy will give you intense pleasure.​

Plus, with its versatile design, I can use it on all parts of my body.​ Whether it is my nipples, shaft, head or even my anus, the Monkey Spanker Vibrating Male Masturbator can be used as external stimulation on any of my erogenous zones.​ And the fact that it is wireless, gives me the freedom to move around and explore.​

And lastly, the vibration combined with its multiple attachments provides new avenues for pleasure.​ I never expected to find something that offered the same kind of pleasure as sex dolls.​ But with the combination of options, it gives me thrilling sensations that takes me to a whole new level of pleasure.​

So to recap, the Monkey Spanker Vibrating Male Masturbator is the perfect toy to give yourself an out-of-this-world experience.​ It offers multiple attachments, with adjustable speed and vibration that are sure to give you that mind-blowing sexual satisfaction.​ With its comfort, ease of use and customizable features, I think that every man should get one for themselves.​ After all, why not give yourself that pleasure?