Oh man, trying to find places to masturbate male can be the worst! It’s such an embarrassing topic to bring up in conversation.​ But hey, it’s just a normal part of human life after all, and we all have to take care of ourselves, with or without partner! So, here are some ideas to get you started.​

The seclusion of your own bedroom can always provide some much needed privacy.​ Just make sure you close that door behind you, or else there’s always the chance of an awkward encounter.​ My bedroom is always the go to place for me, with my own bed, couch, or whatever else I might be near.​ The comfort of knowing no one else is in the house never fails.​

Sometimes a fun solo adventure can be just the thing to get your mind off of things! An affordable motel room, a camping trip in the woods, or even splurging on a hotel room downtown – wherever you feel comfortable, just remember to lock the door!

You can always bring the fun to someone else’s house.​ One of my personal favorite places to let loose is my friend’s steam room.​ The warmth, the atmosphere and the comfort of knowing I’m in a safe space really helps me relax and get in the mood.​

Of course, there’s always the great outdoors.​ A fairly secluded environment can often provide the perfect ambience to do your thing.​ But don’t get too carried away and be sure to use your common sense and be careful.​

If you’re a student, then your college dorm room can often make for a great, if not noisy, masturbation spot.​ You never know when your roommate will come back, though, so be prepared for a hasty evacuation if necessary!

One alternative to the standard spots can be the car.​ Sure, it takes a little bit of maneuvering to get comfortable, but for those craving a bit of riskier action and unpredictability, the car can make for the perfect place.​

Finally, don’t forget to have a little bit of fun in the shower! With enough hot water and maybe a few of your favorite sex toys, the shower can make for the perfect spot to let loose.​ And you don’t even have to worry about making a mess – you can just let the water take care of it all!

Public restrooms can be another spot to check out.​ It has been said that men’s bathrooms are some of the easiest to find and can be a very discreet option.​ Just remember to stay on guard and be aware of any other people in the restroom.​

Swimming pools can be a fun place to let your imagination roam wild.​ The water itself can be a great stimulant and the quite, secretive atmosphere of most empty swimming pools at night make it a perfect place to get lost in your fantasy.​ Privacy and possibility make this a great spot to explore.​

Perhaps you need a change of scenery.​ A nice long drive to a secluded area is just the ticket.​ Rolling down the windows and letting the night air flood in can be both beautiful and liberating.​ Picking a nice spot to relax and take your time can be the perfect night out for one.​

Adventuring out to a nightclub or bar can also provide a great spot for a bit of self-lovin’.​ Being surrounded by other people can provide a much needed anonymity that masks any potential awkwardness.​ After all, no one wants to be caught with their hand in the cookie jar!

The words Onsen and Hot Springs come to mind when thinking of bathing and relaxation.​ Having a long soak in a hot tub is a great way to pamper yourself.​ Perfect if you’re in Japan and looking for a traditional way to indulge in some self-care.​

Beaches are also not to be forgotten, As far as public masturbatory locations go, a beach is definitely one of the more adventurous spots to try.​ The sound of waves is strangely calming and the vast expanse of space always makes you feel some type of way.​ Just remember to not get lost in the fantasy and keep an eye out for onlookers.​

For those of you who like to take the fun outdoors, why not check out a park at night? Think about trees as walls, grass as a mattress, a full moon in the sky, and nature all around you.​ This could very well be the perfect set-up for a nighttime “rendezvous” with yourself.​

How about the classic movie theater? If you’re feeling daring (or horny) enough for this option, make sure you find a theater that isn’t too crowded and pick a seat towards the back, as this will give you some well needed privacy.​ Don’t forget to put your earbuds in!

Have you ever tried masturbating in the closet? I ain’t gonna lie, once I tried it and let me tell you – it was amazing! The sense of danger and thrill of potentially being caught added an extra spark to the whole experience – plus, the tightness and darkness of the closet made it so much easier to get lost in your fantasies.​

The bathtub is an oldie but a goodie.​ There’s something about the slippery surface that just invites you to let it all out.​ Plus, the warm water will provide an extra layer of relaxation that will make you forget about the outside world.​ Oh, and don’t forget the lubes and toys to help you out!

Are you a bit of an exhibitionist? If so, there are some daring options out there for you.​ Car parks, public parks, alleyways, and even rooftops can all make for great naughty spots to get creative with.​ Just make sure you are aware of your surroundings and not do anything too stupid.​

Finally, why not enjoy the simple pleasure of a Bicycle Seat? An oldie but a goodie, dildos nothing gets the blood pumping quite like your bike seat.​ All you have to do is hop on and enjoy the ride! The vibrations can be like nothing else.​ Of course, you should probably wait until you get home to take advantage of this one!