pillow and masturbator to make sex doll

My friend, ever worked up a sweat using a pillow and a masturbator to make a sex doll? Forget about the creepy rope dolls we used to make for kids’ Science classes! Making a sex doll out of a pillow and a masturbator is a great way to spice up a bedroom encounter.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out this bedroom fun experiment – with positive results! To start, I made sure I had the right tools at my disposal. I chose a large fluffy pillow and a masturbator for the job. Then, I got to work adding my own personal touches to the creation. I added some ribbons to the edges of the pillow for an extra layer of comfort and I used a lubricant to make sure the masturbator could make unhindered movement.

Once I finished bringing the sex doll to life, I was able to amp up the fun! I laid the pillow and the masturbator dildos next to each other and connected them using the ribbons. Then, I enjoyed the session as I explored its possibilities! The ribbons made the sex doll flexible and I found I was able to really direct the movement of the masturbator in order to achieve the intensity I was aiming for.

Not to mention the bigger size of the pillow means more surface for pleasure! I found that pillows and masturbators can give a great amount of pressure and friction, exactly where you need it! I was also surprised at the softness and texture of the masturbator, it gave a really pleasant sensation to my private areas.

What’s more, in the best case scenario you can use the pillow and masturbator together with your partner! I found that the addition of a person to the sex doll made it even more fun! As the ribbons can make a few inches of movement, my partner and I could take turns experiencing the pleasure in a safe and intimate way.

I love experimenting when it comes to bedroom encounters and this pillow and masturbator sex doll was definitely a favourite. Now, everything you need for this delightful experience is within easy reach! Who would’ve thought that pillow anduring a bedroom encounter would be so effective?

Personally, I love trying out different positions with the sex doll and operating it with just the ribbons can be a great way to get adventurous! I’ve even found it’s a good way to build up the intensity of the pleasure. What’s more, it can be an exciting activity to add to regular bedroom encounters.

Even though it’s a great way to get creative at the beginning of a bedroom encounter, it can also be a great way to build up the tension before and during. It can be an activity you can do together as a couple – if that’s something you’re both interested in. For those more experienced in the bedroom, it can be an exciting way of pushing their boundaries and testing their limits.

Something I’ve noticed from my experiment is that the pillow and masturbator put together gives an immense amount of pleasure that is quite unique, depending on your experience level. For a newbie, it can be a bit overwhelming at first as the sensations can be quite strong. But once you get adjusted to the pillow and masturbator combination, it can be quite an enjoyable experience indeed.

It’s worth a try, don’t you think? Who knows what kind of pleasure you can get when you use a pillow and masturbator sex dolls to make a sex doll? I’m sure if you give it a whirl, you’ll be a convert in no time!