Anal Beads(5 Sets)


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$12.15/ 5=$2.43

The price of each unit is $2.43

You will receive 5 pieces for each quantity.

Each piece has individual packing package, can be sold on your store separately.

Product Description:
If you are a beginner in the anal-play game, then this is the right butt-plug for you. With the jelly-like texture, these butt plugs come in a perfect shape which is ideal for pleasing the beginner butt-players. These plugs come with two sexy swells followed by a tapering end. They are ultra-slick in nature and perfectly sized for providing extreme pleasure to you.

Once you pass the thin and sleek tapering tip, you can feel the two swells are of two different size that can create a rippling and thrilling sensitivity. The base is shaped into a T to ensure a secure insertion and prevention of too-deep penetration while playing. This T-shaped butt plugs come with a skin-safe silky and jelly based material. It is easy to clean for better hygiene. You can also use this with the water-based lubricator.


Color:  Purple/Pink
Package Included:  5 x  Anal 
Wholesale price: $ 12.15


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