Male Pocket Pussy(2 Sets)




The ultimate pleasure experience for any male user, this pocket pussy combines natural characteristics to deliver an unrivaled climax.


The product’s inner walls and a mimicking mouth construction at the tip simulate the exact sensation of oral sex. The internal absorbent texture grips the penis as it penetrates, adding suction and subsequently increasing arousal levels. It’s flesh-like complexion offers users a further realistic dimension.


Given its modest size and shape, the pocket pussy is easily transportable and can be comfortably concealed in everyday spaces, such as glove boxes, bathroom cupboards, and even on-person. It’s built with medically-endorsed TPE materials, but retailers should still encourage customers to wash out thoroughly due to heightened hygiene risks.


The product currently wholesales at an unbeatable $3.99 per piece ($7.98 per unit, delivered in packs of 2, which can be easily broken down on arrival). An affordable price for a unique item.


Medical TPE
Color:  Flesh
Package Included:  2 x  Male Pocket Pussy
Wholesale price: $ 7.98


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