Sucking Slicone Vibrators


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These intensely stimulating vibrators will bring new realms of pleasure to your customers. The innovative sucking design creates a dynamic, intense orgasm that some may not have experienced. Its waterproof coating allows users to enjoy it whenever the time strikes- even in the bath!


Its impressive range of ten alternate speed settings, including five ‘sucking’ and five vibrating techniques, will send your customers to climax at whatever pace they determine. Furthermore, its discreet and lightweight design perfectly accommodates small transportation spaces, such as handbags or wash bags (full product length is 6.2 inches).


This device, specifically designed for clitoris sucking and stimulation, and harboring a polished gold color finish, has a swift and easy USB function that enables customers to avoid frustrating charge times.


This sucking silicone vibrator is available at a fantastic wholesale price of $23.99. Get yours while stocks last!

Material: Silicone 
5 sucking + 5 vibrating
Power: USB charging
Color: Gold
Wholesale price: $23.99


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