sex dolls with life like action machines for men

My mate recently came to me with a request I did not expect. He told me about these sex dolls with life-like action machines for men. He wants to get one. For a second, I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Nowadays, this is definitely the new tech, and all my friends are talking about it.

The way he explained it, these “dolls” are made from a very realistic material and can perform a range of sexual acts with the touch of a button. They come with internal and external “engines” that enable them to move and sound like the real thing. Some of them even come with the option to customize physical features such as height and performance. So, you can pretty much get anything you want.

At first, when he showed me pictures of these dolls, it kind of freaked me out. They look so real. Plus, there are so many ‘bells and Penis Rings whistles’ that you could probably spend hours trying new features. It’s almost too much.

But then I started to think about it a bit more, and I realized this could actually be pretty cool. My friend is suffering from a lot of anxiety and feels like he’s not good enough for women. I mean, I guess this could be a valid option for dildos him to de-stress and enjoy a little fantasy before getting back out there.

Plus, these sex dolls actually come with a range of additional services such as cleaning, and maintenance so that they stay as good as new. I guess if you were feeling really adventurous you could even have it modified to your own taste.

I asked my friend what other people think of his decision to get one of these dolls. He told me that a few people think it’s really creepy, while others think it’s totally warranted given his situation. After having a long discussion, we both agreed that these dolls could provide relief and stress relief in a safe and comfortable environment without the fear of judgement or stigma.

Then I asked him whether he would actually use it and not just have it around. He told me that he plans on using it occasionally when he feels like it. He was also quite adamant about the doll resembling the real thing as closely as possible. I mean, who hasn’t watched a porn and thought, “Wow, that gal is really life-like and responsive”.

Well, those who have these dolls can now enjoy that kind of experience without having to depend on someone else. All they have to do is turn on the device and let the automated features take care of the rest; from providing sound feedback to physical movement.

Finally, I asked him why he wanted one in the first place. He began to tell me about how he felt lonely and empty, not able to connect with other people due to his anxiety. He said he wanted to have all the sexual experiences that he was missing out on without actually having to involve someone else.

I can relate to those kinds of feelings. I know how it feels when you just don’t click with someone, or you don’t have the time for someone else’s demands. In those cases, having a life-like sex doll with all its stimulating features could be quite a blessing.