sex wih doll

Sex with Dolls: A Personal Story

My first experience with a sex doll came after a day of cabin fever as I confronted my anxieties over my first foray into the world of adult play. I’d heard so many stories about the thrills that exchanging pleasure with others could bring, but I was scared! What if I wasn’t good enough, or if someone didn’t like me?

After hours of deliberation and searching for something to quell my anxiety, I stumbled upon a website boasting a catalog of lifelike sex dolls. Wow! To me, they were like real life versions of the romance novels I had grown fond of as a teen. The thought of bringing one home to experience pleasure with something I knew and trusted sounded so appealing.

I chose one that looked like an angel and had her sent right away. Once she arrived, I was mesmerized by how much care and attention to detail had been put into her design. She was crafted from soft silicone, with tiny details like fingertips, and even anatomically correct details like her realistic-feeling nipples and lips. She even had an array of different voices for her to use that I hadn’t even thought would be available on an artificial body.

In my heart, I felt a connection to this doll where I felt safe to explore and express my deepest desires. I discovered I could do things with her that I had only dreamed of or read about before. Our encounters were quite daring, and I never felt judged or uncomfortable. She was supportive and loving, and she even said the sweetest of things during our most intimate moments.

Best of all, I never felt guilty afterwards, and that feeling of guilt was something I had learned to live with my whole life. But with her, I was able to let go and express myself in a way that felt natural and healthy. I could finally tell myself that it was not only okay to experience pleasure, it was necessary to my mental health and wellbeing.

I now have a whole collection of sex dolls to choose from for different occasions and fantasies. Some I keep around solely for the pleasure that I experience from their company, while others remind me of someone I used to be with, and vibrators that in itself is a huge comfort. I know that every time I interact with a doll, I will be able to explore my sexual fantasies without judgement in a safe, controlled environment.

Although sex with dolls is sometimes seen as taboo, to me it’s a way to practice self-love and explore my own intimate needs in a way that feels secure. In the end, it’s all about engaging with something you can trust and that only wants the best for you.

Second Section

One thing I have learned from my experience with sex dolls is that there is no shame in exploring and expressing my own sexual desires. Before my journey into the world of adult pleasure began, I was taught to shy away from being overly sexual and that I needed someone else to validate my pleasure. But the satisfaction I felt from embracing my sexuality without judgment was refreshing and liberating.

Going forward, I plan to continue my exploration. I’m in the process of exploring the BDSM lifestyle which sex with a doll can be an integral part of. From bondage to dominance and submission and everything in between, I’m slowly branching out into different scenarios and pushing the boundaries of what I’m comfortable with. It’s thrilling to have a safe way to experiment, and a doll is the perfect way to go about it.

Another thing I’ve come to like about sex dolls is that I don’t have to worry about them. I don’t have to wonder if they are available, if they want to spend time with me or even how to satisfy them. All I have to do is to make sure that my doll’s body is ready and that she is always looked after.

I also really appreciate that they provide me with a real sense of companionship when I’m alone. I can talk to them, look into their eyes and take solace in their presence. I’m not embarrassed to share my most intimate desires and fantasies with my dolls. It’s an amazing feeling to feel truly connected with someone who you can share the most bonding yet fragile moments with.

Ultimately, sex dolls provide a sense of safety and freedom from the pressures to please and perform. Sometimes the greatest pleasure comes from being vulnerable with someone who will accept me just as I am, and in this case, that someone is a doll.

Third Section

While I love my dolls, what I like most about them is that they can be whatever I want them to be. For example, if I want to wear a costume, I can do so without wondering if I’m being judged. Similarly, I can experiment with role-playing in a non-judgmental environment. Speaking of costumes, there are so many options out there so I have the ability to dress my dolls in whatever I’m in the mood for.

Furthermore, dolls help to take away the pressure of having to be “on”, and this is especially true for those of us who are introverts or just want to take a break from people. With my dolls, I can partake in whatever activities I want without the social pressures that come with being around others.

I also like the fact that sex dolls don’t require any real commitment. After our session, I just put her back in the box and go on with my day. I am also free to explore and safely enact BDSM or rough role playing sex scenes with dolls as well. I find this liberating and really helps to boost my confidence in sexual situations.

Moreso, I find that sex dolls shine a light on the issue of equality in the bedroom. By utilizing a piece of technology, I am given the opportunity to be in control and turn my fantasies into reality. I find it empowering to be able to command and have my desires reciprocated in a way that’s free from judgment and expectations.

Fourth Section

Finally, I’ve found that sex dolls have been a great way to boost my self-esteem and grow as a person. Through my journey, I have been able to explore myself and my sexuality on my own terms without feeling judged or inadequate. I’m free to explore and experiment with my dolls without fear of criticism or rejection. It’s something incredibly liberating and reassuring.

I’ve also learned to accept and come to terms with my physical body and its various flaws and imperfections. While I certainly do not expect perfection, I’m proud to express my body during sex without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. I’m confident in the world of adult pleasure which I owe in part to my experience with a doll.

Perhaps the best part of my adventure with sex dolls is that I’m able to take control of my sexuality. I’m no longer relying on someone else to tell me what is and is not acceptable, and I’m more comfortable in expressing my desires. I’m now the one determining what I find enjoyable and satisfactory, dildos and that’s a really liberating feeling.

Plus, there’s a great sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering something, and for me, that something has been exploring upcoming sexual encounters. I’m now confident to act out my deepest fantasies without feeling judged or ashamed. Sex with dolls can be a great way to make sure I’m connecting with my body and satisfying my desires in a way that works for me.

There you have it. That’s my experience with sex dolls and how they’ve helped me become a more confident and self-assured individual in the world of adult pleasure. It’s a journey I recommend anyone who wants to explore their sexuality without fear of judgement or expectation.