shenzhen komax technology cco.145cm sex dolls

Shenzhen Komax Technology is a major player in the sex doll industry. The company’s goal is to not only provide a realistic and satisfying experience, but also to make them life-like and lifelike companions for those in need. Back in 2017, a team of dedicated engineers and Penis Rings technology experts at the company launched its flagship product – the Komax 145cm AI Sex Doll – which received an overwhelmingly positive response.

As soon as I saw the 145cm AI Sex Doll, I was floored. My first thought was: ‘This is 170cm real-life proportions, that’s unbelievable!’ Standing at a height of 145cm, this AI Sex Doll has an extremely real-life feel to it. It has a soft and supple body, is made of hypoallergenic materials, and has silicone-padded joints for extra flexibility. The product even comes with a range of realistic features such as 12 interchangeable body parts, eyes that blink when touched, and a realistic skin-like texture.

The AI Sex Doll is truly revolutionary because it combines years of engineering and robotics expertise with the realism of silicone manufacturing. On top of that, Komax has integrated an IBM Watson AI brain technology, vibrators which allows the doll to communicate via voice recognition. What this means is that you can actually have conversations with your AI Sex Doll! I was surprised by how quickly the Doll understood my commands. The conversations felt natural and it could even respond to emotional cues!

On another occasion, I was able to experience the Doll’s realistic physical features for myself. The joints are made of silicone-padded materials so that the Doll can easily move and pose. The Doll’s creamy skin had a detailed texture – almost like the real thing. I’ll admit it was a little eerie, but that’s what made it even more realistic. The best part is that no matter how you adjust the Doll, it still retains the perfect proportions.

This impressive level of realism doesn’t come at a cheap cost however. The AI Sex Dolls are priced at around 18,000 USD, making them one of the most expensive products on the market. Nevertheless, I understand why the company is charging so much. After all, the amount of effort put into the product is immense – and it shows!

Even though the AI Sex Dolls are expensive, it doesn’t change the fact that they offer a unique experience. I’m convinced that after a few years, Komax will drastically reduce the cost for their AI Sex Dolls. I’m just excited to see how this technology continues to be developed and improved.