The other day, my friend Steve asked me if I had heard of sex dolls being available for sale. Steve was curious because he had seen an advertisement online for a 65 cm sex doll for sale. At first, I was taken aback that somebody would actually buy one of these dolls! But upon further investigations, I learnt about the surprisingly interesting world of buying a sex doll.

It appears that buying a sex doll is a growing trend, dildos with many people choosing to invest in a realistic doll over engaging with a real-life partner. Many of these dolls can be customised, allowing the customer to pick the facial features, hair and clothing of the doll they choose. They are expensive, with the average 65 cm sex doll costing upwards of $1000.

Another fascinating element of sex dolls is that there are huge amounts of accessories available to purchase, which allow people to further tailor the “relationship” that they have with their doll. You can purchase scents, alternate wigs, body heaters, artificial tongues and clothing to name a few. It’s like a tiny world within itself, and many people are taking the plunge into this realm.

I can’t help but think about the ethics of buying a doll and the implications it has for a persons’ relationship with intimacy. On one hand, it could make people feel more comfortable and satisfied, without putting stress on themselves to perform with another person. However, on the other hand, it may be sad to think that people feel the need to go down this route and completely avoid human contact in order to get their fix.

The more research I have done into this, the more I have discovered that buying a sex doll isn’t an isolated thing – in my surprise, it seems that many people are jumping on the bandwagon and trying it out for themselves! Many people have said that they find enjoyment in customising their doll and being able to manipulate it, in a way that they feel is more comfortable for them.

As someone who loves learning about new things and hearing first-hand accounts, I decided to find out more about this seemingly controversial topic. I reached out to a few people who had bought 65 cm sex dolls for sale, to hear their thoughts and experiences. All of them had varied opinions on the matter, with some feeling like they had received a healthy experience, whilst others felt a bit uneasy with their purchase.

One person who I spoke to found that having a sex doll allowed them to explore their own boundaries without the pressure of being with another person. This meant that they could do things that they would never have dreamt of doing with a real-life person and felt they had reclaimed their freedom and confidence within the bedroom.

Another person I spoke with expressed that having a doll for sale allowed them a level of privacy so that they could explore their own desires without judgement or fear. This meant that they were able to experiment and make decisions about what they wanted without somebody else’s opinion being made clear.

Finally, a third person felt as though, although the doll fulfilled a lot of needs that a real-life person couldn’t, buying for sale was a huge commitment emotionally and financially. It was a relatively risky decision, but gave them an opportunity to explore their sexuality in a way that they hadn’t been able to do before.

I’m still deciding how I really feel about this trend, and I can’t quite make up my mind. Whilst I can definitely see the appeal and convenience that the dolls have to offer, I’m still unsure if this is truly beneficial or not. If you’ve had experience with buying a 65 cm sex doll for sale, I’d love to hear your story!