virtual male masturbate

How Eddie Works | Eddie by GiddyOh man, virtual male masturbation is just awesome! It takes me to a whole new level of pleasure that I never knew I could experience just by myself.​ I’m still learning how to get the most out of it, but so far it’s been a blast.​ Who knew that something as simple as a virtual hand job could be so.​.​.​ mind blowing?

The best thing about virtual male masturbation is that it’s so convenient.​ I don’t have to worry about buying lube or setting up a mat or anything – and I don’t even have to worry about cleaning it all up after.​ All it takes is a laptop or phone and I’m ready to go! It’s also super private and no one has to know what I’m up to – and I can do it anytime, anywhere.​

The visuals they produce can be really intense.​ With the right setup, I’m able to tailor the visuals to fit my own fantasies and desires.​ It’s like stepping inside my dream world! I’m amazed at how life-like it all looks – it’s like I’m actually there living out my wildest fantasies.​

Plus, Penis Rings there’s something to be said for the control it provides.​ With virtual male masturbation, I’m in control at all times.​ I can adjust the speed and intensity according to what I want, which is great for building up the anticipation and the pleasure.​ I can go as fast or slow as I want – and I can adjust the visuals – and the sound – to really raise the stakes.​

Then, of course, there’s the safety factor.​ Having a virtual hand job means I don’t have to worry about any unwanted STIs or contact.​ No matter how many I have with different partners, the risk is next to nothing.​ And that alone makes the experience that much more enjoyable.​

The flexibility virtual male masturbation provides is really incredible.​ I’ve been able to explore different fantasies that I wouldn’t have been interested in exploring with an actual person.​ I can role-play and take on different identities for a while and explore different things.​

Overall, virtual male masturbation is a great way to release some stress-relieving endorphins.​ And I’m always open to trying new methods and techniques to get the most out of the experience.​ I love the feeling of pleasure it brings me, and the mental and emotional benefits it provides.​

Now I have been exploring new arousal simulation techniques such as games, comedy shows, ecstacy, deep conversations, soft cousins, and hot oils to heighten my experience with virtual male masturbation.​ It has allowed me to go deeper into subspace and reach whole new heights of pleasure then I ever thought possible.​

I am also exploring various new props such as interactive sex toys, vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps and virtual reality equipment to add some extra realism to the experience.​ It has allowed me to let go of all of my inhibitions and explore my most taboo desires in a safe and secure environment.​

It has been eye-opening to experience such sensations without the influence of another person.​ I could never go back to having an ordinary hand job after discovering the intense pleasure virtual masturbation provides.​

I know that with the right equipment, I can craft my ideal masturbation rendezvous in the comfort of my own home.​ I am no longer bound by time, space, or physical restrictions when it comes to exploring my innermost fantasies.​

What’s even better, is that I can adjust my experience each time to fit my mood.​ I can choose from hundreds of virtual partners, decide where the action will take place, and control the stimulation level and intensity.​

I’ve just scratched the surface when it comes to virtual male masturbation and I’m excited to delve into it even further.​ With the multitude of options available, the only limit is my own imagination.​