what if my female roomate sees my sex toy

My female roommate could be any day now officially discovering my sex toy and I am scared to death as I cannot imagine how would react to it. She knows I am a very private person in general so I can assure this will lead to some awkward conversations if it ever comes up.

It’s an issue I worry about often but also one I never really considered when I moved in with her. To be honest, I feel like a deer stuck in headlights right now. I could see her face if discovers it, and I heard the words she would probably say before they could come out of her mouth. It is a very strange feeling when you know you have to face something like this, and trying to act as casually as possible when your heart just is about to burst out of your chest.

I must admit that first time I noticed her glancing at my bedroom with suspicious eyes I got a little uncomfortable and thought: “what if…?”. And I knew I need to hide it better than what I previously had. I quickly grabbed it and put it in a place where only I can get it, at least that’s what I thought.

The truth is that I always been very careful about keeping my sex toy away from the eyes of my roommate. But it seems that discretion is no longer possible and even if I have tried my best, it now can become visible if my luck runs out. I think my worst fear is that she will find out. I know that in the event this happens, there is going to be an intense, uncomfortable and awkward conversation that follows.

Even though I was tempted to try and deny it and simply pretend it wasn’t mine, I know that wouldn’t be the best option. Not only because most likely she wouldn’t believe it, but also because we have a very honest and open relationship, so I’d be just simply lying to her. No matter what, I know that I will have to be honest, open, and kind to her if it comes to that.

In worst case scenario my roomie could start thinking all sorts of bad things about me, not to mention the awkwardness between us. She could feel violated, incredibly uncomfortable, and questioned. The least I can do is try to explain why would I get a sex toy, and not fall back in any kind of shame or feeling stupid for having it.

Altough I am really afraid of the idea of her discovering it, I also know that no matter the outcome I would have to face it and use it as a size to build trust and understanding between us.

I am not sure if being honest and open when it comes time for the conversation with my roomie is going to help me at all. Will it make her forget it and not be annoyed or offended? I am hoping that later she could had different opinion about it and look at it more as part of the process to help me discuss and understand better my sexual needs.

I would like to believe that it will open up the conversation between us and let us talk about the far more important and sensitive situation related to our sexuality. I should use this opportunity to talk about what I need, and she should also be free to talk and express her opinion, without judgment and acceptance of the fact that sometimes opinions may differet.

Having the securiy of a space of acceptance and willingness to talk about it could be the key factor to help me feel comfortable when it comes to talking about my sexuality. I think it’s better if I don’t brint it up, and let her come to me if she discovers it.

But I would also like to see it as another opportunity, vibrators in which we could use it to develop a more open relationship where my sexuality won’t be judged or looked down upon. I know this could be tricky and also a difficult topic to begin and handle, but it could open a window to better communiation between us.

I am also aware that it could lead her to feeling as if I have not trusted her enough to share with her something so intimate and personal. I have to be conscious of it and try to find the right words to explain it and sex toys also make sure that it won’t make her feel uncomfortable.

The most difficult task is to do all this and also ensure that whatever I say shows her how serious and important to me is this part of my life, and that I don’t feel ashamed for it and for the choice I made.