what sex toys to spice sex life

I love sex toys! From lotions and lubes to massagers and vibrators, there are so many fun and exciting ways to spice up your sex life. I know because my husband and I tried a few ourselves and it was amazing!

We started with lotions, lubes, and flavoured massage oils. We got creative with the lotions, using them in different areas during foreplay and some really intimate moments. And the lube was great for making fits a bit slipper and the massage oils were yummy! They added an extra element of pleasure and sex dolls excitement to our experience.

Next, we moved on to vibrators and bullets. These are my personal favourites! There’s something so satisfying about feeling the vibration on your skin. Our experience was truly out of this world. The sensation was so thrilling and exciting – it made us feel closer and more intimate.

After that, we added in different massage products, like a massage wand, massage candles, and massage bars. I love these because they provide an incredible massage experience. It’s almost like having a professional massage – but with a twist. We felt so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards!

Finally, we experimented with handcuffs, blindfolds, and different bondage products. This was definitely a new level of intimacy for us. We explored our power dynamics as we exchanged control and submission! It was an incredible, liberating experience.

Overall, introducing sex toys into the bedroom was one of the best decisions we ever made. It gave us the opportunity to explore our fantasies and take our sex life to a whole new level. We felt closer and more connected than before.

We also explored a wide range of different anal toys, from plugs to beads to differently shaped and sized toys. This was both exciting and nerve-wracking! We enjoyed exploring this new realms of pleasure, but it definitely took some getting used to.

We also bought a remote control vibrator which was amazing! We could control the vibrator from across the room or even across a large distance. It allowed us to enjoy more spontaneous, creative, and intimate moments, even when we weren’t together.

Then we tried out different body restraints, like a feather spanker and bondage restraints. This was definitely different than anything else we experienced before. This was thrilling and thrilling. We both felt in control, and like we were exploring new and exciting boundaries!

We also got a couple of eggs vibrators and cock rings, which gave us lots of pleasure. We used them both solo and during sex together for extra stimulation and sensation. They really spiced up our sex life and allowed us to explore our wildest fantasies in the bedroom!

We also experimented with different naughty board games, such as spin the bottle, strip poker, and taboo. This was really fun because we could play together and explore different fantasies. It was definitely a great way to keep our sex life feeling fresh and exciting.

In conclusion, there are so many different sex toys out there that can really make your sex life fun and exciting. From lubes and lotions to vibrators and bondage products, there are so many different options to choose from! And it doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced couple or just starting out – you can find something for everyone. So don’t be afraid to experiment and explore – you never know what type of pleasure you’ll discover!