what to look for in a male anal sex toy

When it comes to buying a male anal sex toy, you really have to be careful. It is definitely not an item you just go and purchase without doing a bit of research before. You’re going to be putting something in your body and it’s important to make sure that what you choose if safe and of good quality. Woah there buddy – let’s take a step back and get clued up on what we should really be looking for.

First and foremost, the materials should be non-porous and body-safe. Good quality silicone or stainless steel would be ideal. Silicone is great because it is extremely durable and body-safe. Stainless steel is a great option too because it can be warmed up or cooled down for temperature play. Avoid anything made from jelly or latex as these materials can be harmful to the skin and may cause an allergic reaction.

Size is also really important. Don’t be tempted to go for a super large size as this could cause issues and even damage to the sphincter muscles. Start small and soft and work your way up. Look for a toy with a smooth, slick finish so it’s easy to insert. Ridges and bumps can be great for extra stimulation, but you might want to start simple.

Texture is also an important factor. The material of the toy should feel nice against the skin with no rough edges. A good quality toy should move around comfortably inside whilst the larger bumps and ridges will feel more intense when thrusting. Experiment with a few different textures for a range of sensations.

You might also want to think about the shape of the toy. Most anal plugs are cone-shaped with a long neck and a flat base. This design makes it ideal for wearing during sex that keeps the plug in place. And, of course, make sure the base is absolutely secure to prevent any accidents.

Finally, remember to buy lube with your toy! Water-based lubricants are your best bet as silicone-based can easily damage the toy. A lubricant is essential for a comfortable and safe experience.

Now were all up to speed, let’s take a look at some types of male anal sex toys.

One of the most common and popular toys we can look at is a classic easy to use butt plug. After an initial warm-up, these plugs can help you get into larger sizes and ridges more smoothly. Beginner butt plugs are usually a tapered shape with a small neck and thin base with flared ends. This design makes insertion easier and the base helps to keep any accidents from happening.

Prostate toys are another popular one. These tend to be slightly curved to hit the prostate or “male G-spot” and they also have a flared base or handle for easy removal. They come in various sizes, textures and shapes (vibrating or non-vibrating) and the variety of styles can really be a great way to explore with your partner.

Anal beads are also a great option for those just getting started. They come in all sorts of sizes and with various textures such as ribbed or smooth for an even more intense sensation. Anal beads you can pull out during orgasm for a more intense and longer-lasting pleasure.

Finally, let’s take a look at anal dildos. These come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They can range from straight and thin for beginners to larger and thicker styles with ridges or bumps for more experienced users. Make sure your dildo has a flared base so that it doesn’t get lost inside your body and don’t forget to use plenty of lube!

So, now we know what to look for in our male anal sex toy, what are the benefits? Well, it can feel great for both men and women when the right toy is used. For men, it can lead to orgasms that are more intense and longer-lasting as the prostate is stimulated. For women, it can create more pleasure and help build an intense connection between partners. With anal play, you can explore new sensations and unlock new levels of pleasure.

No matter which toy you choose, there’s sure to be something perfect for your next anal adventure, just make sure to focus on the safety and comfort of both you and your partner and you’re sure to have a great time.