When my friend told me she was looking into using a penis pump, I was a bit confused.​ I had heard of them before but never really thought much about them.​ I had no idea the effects one can have on one’s body.​ She explained to me that she was desperate to please her partner and this was an easy solution.​ Little did we both know, the effects it could have on her health.​

At first, I was a little too afraid to ask if it could affect her kidneys.​ A part of me felt it did, but I just wanted to believe that for the sake of her health, it wouldn’t.​ So I can up with the question “can a penis pump affect your kidneys?” After some research and talking with my friend more, I have come to the conclusion that yes, it can have some side-effects on your organs, including your kidneys.​

The immediate effect a penis pump can have on your body is uncomfortable.​ Pumping too much or too often can cause bruising, injuries, and even erectile dysfunction.​ The worst part is, over time, these side effects can become worse.​ As you continue to use the pump, it can affect your blood vessels, nerves, and even the organs, including your kidneys.​

The wearable device works by pumping air or a vacuum into a cylinder and creating suction to help your partner ejaculate.​ This suction can cause swelling around the penis that can affect the surrounding organs.​ It can be very uncomfortable for your partner but it can also cause longterm health issues.​

If the penis pump is used too frequently, or not as directed, it can decrease the amount of blood flow to kidney area.​ This can lead to a decrease in function of the organ and a risk for further complications.​ Furthermore, using the pump for too long, or even just for one session can irritate the tissue of the organ, leading to general inflammation.​

The suction of the penis pump can also cause an increase in blood pressure, adding to the risk of kidney damage.​ The increase in blood pressure can cause the rigidity of the small blood vessels around the kidney.​ This can restrict the flow of nutrients and wastes to the organ, sex dolls leading to further damage.​

The vacuum created by the pump can also cause renal edema.​ This is when fluid accumulates within the tissue of the kidney due to the suction.​ This can lead to further tissue damage, organ dysfunction, and even kidney failure.​

Although the penis pump can enhance pleasure, it must be done in moderation.​ It is important to never over pump, as this can cause irreversible damage.​ Furthermore, it is always important to speak to a health care professional before beginning use, to discuss further potential risks.​ If used correctly, the penis pump can be a satisfactory enhancement for your partner, and vibrators with the proper care, your kidneys can stay functioning properly.​